Meet The Teams


The Board of Ordained Ministry of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference is sub-divided into several "working" teams to carry out the Discilinary functions of the Board.  Four of the more important teams doing the work of the board are listed below. A complete listing of the board members and their individual team assignments can be downloaded here.

Board of Ordained Ministry Chair

Sheryl Palmer, Board Chair

C: 217-359-3631 | H: 217-355-8247

C: 217-697-4652 | H: 217-697-8132

Conference Relations Team

Paul Dinges, Team Leader


The Conference Relations Team maintains accountability and ethical standards with all Conference members (635.2r, 605.6) and when necessary examines and makes recommendations to BOM on special ministries for which members seek appointments.** (635.2s)  The also make recommendations to the BOM concerning changes in Conference Relationship, interviewing persons when deemed necessary. 

Mentor Coordination and Training

Zachary Waldis, Team Leader

C: 309-385-4487 | H: 618-558-2376

The Mentor Team works closely with the Discernment Coordinator in the recruitment and training of mentors for candidates during candidacy and as clergy mentors for local pastors and provisional members (349).  It oversees the structure and administrative of the Candidacy Summite Event.

C: 618-283-3684 | H: 618-842-7606


Assessment of Ministerial Recruitment

Thomas Goddell, Team Leader

The Assessement Team tracks candiates for Ordained Ministry, keeping in contact with they throughout their seminary career. They work closely with seminaries and universities to target and recuit future ministry leaders.

Residence In Ministry (RIM)

Julia Melgreen & Casey Taylor,

Co-Team Leaders


C: 217-356-9078 | H: 217-356-5365

C: 217-328-1445 | H: 217-367-1046

The Residence in Ministry Team works with newly graduated seminary students who have just been Commissioned as they transition from the academic setting into the ministry setting of the local church.  The team also works with each Clergy Person as they prepare for their Ordination interviews.

C: 309-342-3197 | H: 217-553-1858

Ministerial Effectiveness Review Team

Vincent Rohn, Team Leader

The Ministerial Effectiveness Review Team (MERT) is charged with providing candidates written guidelines (635.2h) and establish the criteria of the disciplinary and annual conference requirements for the local pastor, associate membership, provisional membership, and full membership (635.2g, i), interview and examine all candidates as to their fitness and giftedness for ministry, and they work with the Cabinet they develop standards for clergy effectiveness in cooperation with the cabinet (635.2q, 604.4, 350).

Continuing Formation Team

Beth Fender, Team Leader

H: 217-728-4943 | O:217-529-2611

The Continuing Formation Team assesses the needs, develops, and promotes continuing education and formation opportunities for ordained ministers, Associate Members, and Local Pastors. (634.2n-p,u 334.2b)  They promote, implement, and supervise certification programs for lay and clergy. (634.1c, 634.2t, 351)  They also administer MEF Continuing Education Standards and Grants and organize the annual New Pastor Orientation in consultation with the Cabinet.