Steps Through Candidacy Training Video 

If you are a new candidate or you are considering becoming a candidate for ministry the videos below will introduce you to the early steps of the Candidacy Process and also an introduction to the Candidacy EM 360 report.  Click the start arrow and you will be led through the various steps a Candidate goes through as she/he discerns their call to ministry on his/her way to certification as a ministry candidate.


Overview of the Candidacy EM 360 Reference Report


The Candidacy EM 360 has replaced the personal reference section of an Inquiring Candidate's psychological assessment testing. Click on the start arrow of the video below and it will explain the purpose, history and the structure of this new report.  After viewing either of these two videos if you have further questions, you can contact the Administrative Assistant/Registrar of the board or your dCOM Chairperson for further information.