2015 District Committee on Ministry Training


The Fall District Committee on Ministry Training sessions have been scheduled:  


Vermilion River District, Normal Calvary, 10/19/15, 10:00am

Irquois River District, 10/21/15, 10:00am

Illinois River District, Mossville, 10/22/15, 10:00am

Spoon River District, Galesburg First, 10/23/15, 10:00am

Embarras River District, 10/26/15, 10:00am

Mississippi River District, Carlyle First, 10/27/15, 10:00am


Each training session will center on the Candidacy Process, technology related to that, Course of Study and the impact of the new Candidacy Retreat on dCOM scheduling.  Every dCOM committee member is asked to be enrolled and able to log into Pathways, the Board electronic Candidacy Filing System.  If you are a current member of one the District Committees and are not able to log into Pathways or don't even know what Pathways is please contact the Board Registrar by email immidately. 


Below you will find a listing of all materials handed out or mentioned at the District Committee on Ministry Training Events.  Click on any of the items listed and you can download them for your personal and District Committee's use. Routine forms and documents can be found on the FORMS PAGE of this website.