2020 District Committee on Ministry Training Materials

The RESOURCE MATERIALS used and presented during each training session are listed below.  Click on any of the items listed and you can download them for your personal and District Committee's use.  There are hard copies of the routine forms used by your District Committee and they can be found on the FORMS PAGE of this website.  That said, The Board of Ordained Ministry recommends all documents, forms and correspondence be in digital format and uploaded into UMCARES by the District Registrars.

Also included on this resource page are two training videos -- A Quick Overview of the Candidacy Process and a review of the Candidacy EM 360 evaluative tool -- and a recording of this year's District Committee Training Event.  The training interview will walk you through how to interpret the Candidacy EM 360 report.  

In addition to the training resources and the instructional videos -- for both committee members and candidates -- there are links to other Valuable District Committee Resources.  Use them as you conduct the everyday business of the District Committee on Ministry.

The Candidacy/Candidacy EM 360 Process link below will direct you to a page where there are Candidate versions of the Quick Overview of the Candidacy Process and a review of the Candidacy EM 360 videos mentioned above.  Candidates are free to view these candidate videos as many times as they wish. 


Please remember, every member of a District Committee on Ministry (that includes lay, retried and active clergy) need to have an active UMCARES account. If you are a current member of one the District Committees and are not able to log into UMCARES or don't even know what UMCARES is please contact the Board Registrar immedately.